ISPLA Update: Government Contractors: Protecting Attorney-Client Privilege

In case you missed it, the law firm of Hughes Hubbard & Reed, LLC issued a June 27 e-alert detailing an important federal circuit court decision regarding Attorney-Client Privilege. Righting...

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ISPLA Report on FTC's Testimony before Senate on Mobile Cramming

FTC Report & Testimony on Mobile Cramming On July 30, the Federal Trade Commission provided an update on issues related to the placement of unauthorized charges on consumers’ mobile phone bills, a practice known as mobile cramming. Testifying on behalf of the Commission before the Sen...

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The Art of the Interview

On June 2nd, Pete Castillo discussed the several phases of interviewing; including preparation for the interview, suggested techniques during the interview, rules of engagement (Interview v. Interrogation) while introducing application of his theory, “DOA;” an acronym for resolving thre...

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