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Call for Authors

Sep. 19, 2018

On behalf of the Editors-in-Chief, Dr. Lauren R. Shapiro and Dr. Marie-Helen Maras, we would like to invite you to author or co-author one to three entries in an exciting new project, The Encyclopedia of Security and Emergency Management.

This reference work (approximately 250 entries) is intended to serve as the most comprehensive and up-to-date reference resource on myriad topics germane to evolving and exponential threats that challenge national and international security and emergency management. The work will focus on these threats and ways to counter them. In addition, a number of topics informed by established and emerging perspectives on security (e.g., concepts, methods, functions, theories, organizations, technology, history and current state), measures (e.g., physical security, personnel security, cybersecurity), threats (e.g., cybercrime, terrorism, shoplifting, fraud), critical infrastructure protection, current weaknesses and best practices for techniques and applications on the job, and coordination between public and private sectors for managing security and natural and human-made emergency situations nationally and internationally will be included. 

This reference work will engage academic scholarly communities, new practitioners to the field, policy makers, and both undergraduates and graduate students on an interdisciplinary and international scale.  In particular, the work will inform private and public security at the individual, team, and management levels regarding best practices for planning, preparing, and handling emergency situations arising from natural and man-made causes. This encyclopedia will comprehensively cover various facets of security through the lens of criminology, criminal justice, sociology, psychology, law, emergency management, police studies, political science, history, risk, computer science, management, and public policy and administration.

Please visit our Main Themes and Topics page for the chapters that are still available (see bold font)

Once you have identified entries that best match your area of expertise, email the project manager--senior editor, Ruth Lefevre, at [email protected], or editorial assistant,  Eleanor Gaffney at [email protected] expressing your interest and listing the entry or entries that you’d like to author or co-author and proposed due dates (see options below).*  Please share this call-for-authors and link with your colleagues who would have an interest in writing.

The entries vary in length--predetermined by us-- from short (up to 1500 words), medium (2000-4000 words, and long (4000-6000 words). The approved manuscripts are sent to production and once you complete the proofs, the entry will be published first online. We have a flexible schedule available currently * (e.g., August, October, December 2018; February, April, June, August 2019) and our plan is to have all manuscripts submitted and approved by August 2019. 

Requirements: Authors must be pursuing their PhD, if they do not already have one.