Associate Pre-Examiantion Scholarship Program


Do you want to be a CFE?

Please note the rules for applying for the Exam Prep Course, especially the deadlines for submitting applications.  In order to apply, each candidate must 1) be a member of the NYCFE in the prior membership year, 2) be a member of ACFE, and 3) agree that the CFE exam will be taken by the winner within one year from the date the scholarship was awarded.  The rules are detailed with the application form on the following pages.

If you have previously submitted an application and did not receive the award, please resubmit. Since only five (5) scholarships are awarded per year, you may have been a runner-up, so give it another try and resubmit. The scholarship committee welcomes your application.

What is the exam prep course?

The 2015 CFE Exam Prep Course provides the most effective training available to prepare you for the CFE Exam. Designed with the busy anti-fraud professional in mind, the CFE Exam Prep Course® gives you the flexibility you need to prepare for the CFE Exam on your schedule. Including study questions and practice exams, the Prep Course will help you prepare to pass the rigorous CFE Exam. 

Past winners have told us while the preparation is a bit rigorous; it pays when you take the exam.  If you are a member of the Association, the cost out of your pocket would $745 if you bough it; that is a good reason to turn in an application.  If you are not a member of the Association, the cost out of your pocket would be $945; that is a good reason to join the chapter and be able to apply in the future.  The Scholarship is an award to you from the Chapter Board of Directors.  The Chapter does not pay for the actual exam which is a minimal amount compared to the prep course.  If you do not take the exam within one year, you repay the Chapter for the cost of the exam prep course.

Applications must be emailed to the Chapter.

If I have any questions, whom do I ask?

Contact the Scholarship Committee – [email protected]

Instructions for Application

The Chapter Board of Directors is awarding competitive scholarships to Members who wish to become Certified Fraud Examiners.  The ACFE provided a discount to the chapters making the awards.  This is a competitive scholarship based on points.   The NYCFE is making the awards in order to help provide certification assistance to those Chapter Members wishing to become CFE’s.

Judging will be based on maximum points in the competition.  Make sure you include the narrative as stated on the instruction form.  If you do not include the narrative, you will lose 25 points.   The Scholarship Committee will NOT notify you when something is missing from the application.  You need to re-check the steps to be sure that the package is complete.

Should the applicant not receive an award the first time he/she applies, the application must be re-submitted by the appropriate application dates.  An application form is included here. Candidates should send the completed Application form to:  Steven Levine.

Eligibility requirements include the following:

  • Candidate must be an Associate Member of the ACFE in Austin and Associate Member number must be included.
  • Candidate must have been an Associate member of the NYCFE in the prior year.
  • Support documents for experience and education must be available if the Committee requests them.
  • Candidate must sign a statement (on last page of application) agreeing to repay the NYCFE for the cost of the scholarship should he/she fail to pass the examination for CFE within one year of the date of registration. The refund will be used to provide another Scholarship. 
  • Candidates must include a narrative with the application. The narrative is “Why the Chapter Should Award the CFE Pre Exam Scholarship to me”. The Scholarship Committee will award up to 25 points for the narrative.
  • NYCFE licensed CPA’s and those who are licensed under the Private Protective Services Board receive additional points. Certifications are not included as licenses.


Note:  Be sure to follow the instructions on the application.